As a customer specifically asked me this question last week I thought it would be useful to summarise my response for everyone to read.

An important aspect of every organisation's software asset management programme should be to ensure that software suppliers are right for you.

For further detail see The right reseller

The three main points to consider when assessing a reseller are:
  1. Integrity of product
  2. Price
  3. Advice

In other words; will you be supplied genuine and valid product, will you achieve the best pricing and does the level of service provided match your organisation's needs?

These criteria apply to organisations looking for a new reseller or those looking to assess their existing service.

Integrity of product
It is a little known fact that even well accredited resellers have been known to supply counterfeit product.

They may be certified and they may be valued but they could also be victims of greed or other parties that sell them dodgy goods.

When competition is so fierce, the temptation of mixing bad with good can sometimes be too great.

And there is so much counterfeit product out there, that the software authorities fail to deal with, that legitimate resellers have been been duped into purchasing tainted software which they innocently (in intention) look to resell.

Always make sure you are purchasing from resellers that are at the top of the pile and visibly recommended by publishers.

For further advice on what to look for and how to avoid the problems - The right reseller

The major software publishers have hundreds (thousands) of resellers all fighting for business.

But usually only a few resellers achieve the highest level of recognition from the publishers.  These are the people you should be purchasing from.

Any reseller lower down the chain is often purchasing from another reseller as they do not have a direct relationship with the publisher.  This can only add cost, thereby increasing your eventual buy price.

Top level resellers also enjoy rebates and discounts that others cannot achieve, all of which helps you gain the best pricing available.

For further guidance on where to get the best price and how to negotiate the best deals see - The right reseller

Be careful not to sacrifice service for price as it can lead to costly mistakes further down the line.

Can the reseller provide you with:
  • The correct level of advice and expertise?
  • An appropriate price?
  • A software purchasing process that meets the structural needs of your organisation?
  • Regular and accurate purchase reporting?

And always try to keep software purchases separate to any additional services, whether they be SAM or technical implementations etc - A conflict of interest?

For further detail on all these points and more, including a step by step guide see The right reseller

Please note - SAMsource advice is based on completely unbiased opinion.

As many of you already know we do not sell software, nor are we affiliated with any reseller or publisher in any way as we guard our independence fiercely - Total independence

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